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Wall clock made by Geert Albers in 1835. This elaborate clock was, according to family history, buried in a sandhill on the east edge of town during the 1871 fire. Since all landmarks were burned away, it was a few weeks before the son of the maker, Jan Albers, found the clock's location. Jan Albers was the proprietor of a clock and jewelry shop on 8th Street which burned. 
Wall clock made and used by Geert Albers (ca. 1790-1871). Geert served in the Napoleanic Wars. He arrived in the US ca. 1848. He lived in the Holland, MI area and worked as a clockmaker. Marriage records indicate that Geert married Alieda Menken (1805-1892) in Holland, MI on 6-18-1852.
At one time he served as a bodyguard for Napolean and fought in the Napoleanic Wars.
Geert and Alieda are buried in Holland, MI in Pilgrim Home Cemetery.
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