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Self Pronouncing Holy Bible, Combination Edition
Date of Origin
Self-Pronouncing edition of the Holy Bible with all proper names divided accented and marked with the vowel sounds. showing how they should be pronounced.
This Bible belonged to Jennie Jansen, aunt of donor. Jennie was a young farm girl who, like many girls at that time, was a hired maid for a family in Grand Rapids. Her pay included room and board. Booksellers at that time (early 1900's) were door to door salesman who often made calls to the back door of homes to encourage the cooks and maids to purchase deluxe versions of Bibles or other religious material. Most of the girls were from religious homes and very gullible to purchase these expensive deluxe editions. The donor's, John Deters, parents often stored the large book in their home for Jennie because there were times her room was too small to keep this large book with her.
Gift of
Deters, Drew