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11" x 10" x 6"; blue/black hat with high front bearing the army insignia (large gold pin) gold braid and light blue grosgrain ribbon encircle hat; bill has a series of oak leaves on tip, black leather below; inside headband is leather insulated with a cork layer; in crown is a scotch taped business card "Major William J. Ver Hey, United States Arm" 7.125" size; :Luxemberg Military Outfitters, 485 Madison Ave., New York"; hat is enclosed in a zippered plastic back which is contained in a black box 11.5" x 11" x 6"; on side is a gold sticker showing "Keep this under your hat" Luxemberg Military & Civilian Tailors, New York, 84 Fifth Ave. at 14th St. New York 11, N.Y.
William Jacob Ver Hey Sr. was born in Michigan on 6/23/1919 to Nick and Hattie Ver Hey. The large family lived at 34 E 26th St. William graduated from Holland High School in 1939. He enlisted with the National Guard in April of 1941. He was a member of Company D, 126th Infantry. William then enlisted in the Army on April 2, 1951. William was married to Louise Claude Rove. They had 3 children; Margaret Jane (1952-54), Nicholas Charles (1953-2007) and William Jacob, Jr. (1955-56). William was released from the Army on August 23, 1974. William earned many awards during his time of service to our country. William died on December 4, 1998.
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Ver Hey, Louise