neck tie, uniform

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54" x 2"; fine, black wool four-in-hand - necktie; narrower than usual dress tie, with three button holes that coincide with spacing of shirt buttons; wider end has a frayed tag reading "Approved Army."
William Jacob Ver Hey Sr. was born in Michigan on 6/23/1919 to Nick and Hattie Ver Hey. The large family lived at 34 E 26th St. William graduated from Holland High School in 1939. He enlisted with the National Guard in April of 1941. He was a member of Company D, 126th Infantry. William then enlisted in the Army on April 2, 1951. William was married to Louise Claude Rove. They had 3 children; Margaret Jane (1952-54), Nicholas Charles (1953-2007) and William Jacob, Jr. (1955-56). William was released from the Army on August 23, 1974. William earned many awards during his time of service to our country. William died on December 4, 1998.
Gift of
Ver Hey, Louise