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Dark blue, wool, long-sleeved top with V-neck; a deep yoke, front and back is double thickness, as is a square 10" x 10" collar hanging down back; a white braid is stitched around right shoulder/sleeve seam; left chest pocket; on back, hidden by collar is a tag reading "Manufactured by Naval Clothing Factory, 100% Wool Exclusive of Ornamentation, Name _____Service No. _____Size 43"; inside front hem is stamped "A. J. Boers" in white lettering.
Uniform belonged to Albert Boers who enlisted in the Navy February 1946 at the age of 17. He trained at boot camp by Camp Peary, VA and then attended draftsman school in Port Hueneme, CA before shipping out to Guam and his eventual assignment on Truk Island (Caroline Islands group in the South Pacific). He was discharged in December of 1947.
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Boers, Albert