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Missile, Surface-To-Surface. 23-1/2" x 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" olive drab anti-tank rocket.

The top 10-1/2" contains explosive and top 4" of this is tapered to a rounded point; behind this is 2" diameter shaft ending in collar of six fins surrounding a funnel out of which would come propellant gases when rocket is in flight; 4" nose is bare, unpainted metal and remainder of explosive charge is painted light blue with 3/8" white block lettering "Rocket Prac. 3.5 in. M29A2/NOP-1- 129/Temp. Lim. -20 to +120 degrees F"; behind blue explosive charge is 3" of white metal into which is stamped in 1/8" block letters "FUZE, Rocket, Dummy M405/YA-1-43- 9-52"; missile to be fired from a rocket launcher, most likely at enemy tanks.

The donor, Ray Naber, served with Company D in Holland's National Guard unit from 1948-1978. 23 of those years were spent as the unit's administrator.
Gift of
Naber, Raymond