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Multicolored ribbon with brass center bar stamped "France"; a round gold medal is suspended from this; front shows a winged goddess with a shield and sword, reverse side is stamped "The Great War for Civilization" with a shield in center and "US"; alongside shield are listed countries: France, Italy, Serbia, Japan, Montenegro, Russia, Greece, Britain, Belgium, Brazil, Portugal, Romania, China; heavy pin on top back; sides and top of ribbon are worn; victory medal
Items in 2001.104 belonged to the donor's father, Leonard E. Bareman. Leonard joined the US Army and fought in Russia as a member of the Polar Bears during World War One.

Leonard was born on August 13, 1886 in Holland, MI to Egbert and Elizabeth Bareman.
His wife was Cora Ter Beek. Leonard worked as a farmer.

Leonard died on March 23, 1940 in Holland, MI at the age of 53 from Scarlet Fever. His brother James died of the same disease within 35 hours of Leonard's death. Leonard was buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery.

Gift of
Bareman, Esther (1920-2010) and Bareman, Carolyn (1926- )