Baseboard Register
Baseboard Register
Baseboard Register

Baseboard Register

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Translation: edne
a) Metal double-deflection, baseboard register; enameled light taupe color with flexible fin face and black turning blade valve; holes at each side for attachment to wall; torn, green cardboard instruction tag, printed in black, show picture of mechanism and instruction for adjustment of deflector; bolts enclosed in small paper envelope; appears new other than minor paint scrape on metal; 1950.b)7 3/8"x 11 3/8" x2 1/2" cardboard box for register; box sides printed in red on white with sailboat, rope frame and "H & C" logo, alongside "Registers & Grills, Products of Merit by Expert Craftsmen, Hart & Cooley Mfg. Co., Holland, Mich., U,S.A."; one end with additional information - No. 754, slogans, dimensions, patent nos.; box yellowed and ends torn.
Manufactured by Hart & Cooley.
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Hart & Cooley, Inc.