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Forged short sword with a long straight-edged metal blade, fitted into a 2-piece curve, carved wooded handle made from two different kinds of wood. With wooden sleeve (pendok) into which the dagger is inserted. It is made of two pieces of wood bound with string at top and half way down. Botton is secured with a metal band. On the from of sleeve is a metal design with protruding ring through which is pass black, twisted cord that is tied around the sleeve.
Indonesian weapon given to donor's grandparents, Jacob Vander Putten (1880-1952) and Sara Wijnders Vander Putten (1882-1968) by Sara's brother. Her brother was in the Dutch Merchant Marines in the early 1900's. Jacob and Sara lived in Holland, MI. He was employed by Hart & Cooley. This weapon was hung on a 77.25" x 41.5" board covered in rust-colored batik material. Jacob hung the weapon for display.
Gift of
Bos, Brenda E.