block, printing

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wood, metal
Wooden block with metal print on surface.  The print shows a sailboat and the words "De Roo Realty Co.".
This printing block was used at the Old News Printery. In 1940 the Old News Printery was located in the building formerly occupied by the Holland City News, 32 West 8th Street. Two former City News employees owned the Old News Printery, Cyrus Vande Luyster (1904-1984) and Herm Bos (1907-1983). Cyrus had been foreman for the Holland City News and Herm was their printer.
By 1948 the Old News Printery had moved to 74 W. 8th St., Holland, MI. Holland city directories show that both Vande Luyster and Bos owned the business in 1968, still at 74 West 8th. Bos continued operating the business for at least another 8 years.
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Tien, Carol