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Plaster carving of Christ on a wooden cross.  
Leo Jungblut was born in the Netherlands on 2-18-1893. He came to Holland, MI ca. 1953 at the encouragement of his brother Theodore "Ted" Jungblut, Jr.. Leo moved into the home at 353 College Ave with his wife Francina ( -1964).

In the Netherlands, Leo was a well-known sculptor. Much of his work centered on religious-themed busts, reliefs and statues. Work had become hard to find which led to Ted Jr. coaxing Leo to move to America. Work proved to be hard to find in the US as well, until Leo was introduced to Ray W. Herrick (of Herrick Library fame). Ray commissioned Leo on numerous occasions to create a statue of Floyd Starr (in 1963), statues of Christ and a Last Supper relief. Leo also created the large anchor that can still be seen on the campus of Hope College.

Other works created by Leo include the Ray Herrick bust on display in the Herrick Library and a bust of Thomas Jefferson that was on display in Jefferson School. Leo passed away while visiting the Netherlands in 1974.
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Cooper, Shirley