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Black and white photograph of Western Machine Tool Works receiving Army/Navy "E" award, 3x5 photo. The Army-Navy "E" Award was an honor presented to companies during World War II whose production facilities achieved "Excellence in Production" ("E") of war equipment. The award was also known as the Army-Navy Production Award. 
Western Machine Tool Works (WMTW) was founded in 1901 by John Boda and Nicodemus Bosch. WMTW was located at the end of west 9th, on the waterfront, in a brick factory. Bosch, a former mayor of Holland, would was still president in 1942. He died in 1944.

The company manufactured drills, tappers and lathes, among other tools. During WW2, Western Machine Tool won the Army-Navy “E” award for “high achievement in production of war materials.”. Western Machine closed in 1989 after years of declining business.

Nicodemus Bosch lived in Holland, MI at 189 West 12th with his wife Emma (1910 US Census and 1921, 1940 and 1942 city directories). He was born on 9-3-1863 in Vriesland, MI. He married Emma in Grand Rapids, MI on 12-9-1889. They had five children: Leon (1893-1962); Frances (1894-19510; Gerald (1896-1996); Colombe (1902- ); and, Randall (1905-1977).

Nicodemus passed away in Holland, MI on 10-22-1944.
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