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Black and white photograph of unidentified employees of Hart & Cooley marching north along River Avenue.  They are just south of 8th Street.  In the background, the Vogue Restaurant is visible.  The Vogue was located at 205 River Ave from as early as 1942.
August Landwehr, a Holland, MI businessman and resident, arranged in 1924 for Hart & Cooley to move to Holland, MI. The thought behind this was for Hart & Cooley to supply the warm air registers for Landwehr's Holland Furnace Co, furnaces.

During the World War 2 Hart & Cooley shifted production from registers to 60mm mortar-shell casings

In 1986 Hart & Cooley became part of Chicago-based Eagle Industries. In 1990 Hart and Colley workers went on strike, which led to a decline in sales and, eventually, a departure of Hart and Cooley from Holland, MI.

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Van Putten, Gordon