life ring

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Life ring from Jesiek Brothers Shipyard in Park Township, in the Macatawa area.
Jesiek Brothers’ shipyard was founded in 1911 by brothers Adolph “Otto” Jesiek (1881-1975) and Joseph Jesiek (1883-1956). The shipyard was located near Jenison Park on Black Lake (now known as Lake Macatawa).
Owners of luxury yachts made use of Jesiek storage facilities each winter. During WWII, Jesiek Brother’s turned their attention to manufacturing submarine chasers and harbor tugs for the US Navy.
Adolph married Henrietta Voss (1888-1958). Joseph married Minnie ??? ( -1922).
Adolph’s sons, William (1918-2012), Donald (1913-1995) and Harold (1913-1958) took over the business from their father and uncle.
Gift of
Kayes, Lois Jesiek