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America's Most Decorated Soldier In World War II: Matt Urban
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Boven Publishing
Boven, Robert W.
9 X 5.7 in.
Hard cover book,titled " America's most decorated soldier in World War 2, Matt Urban",  233 pages long, white cover with a photograph of Matt Urban on the front.  

Throughout the book, several yellow sticky notes are attached to pages.  The notes, I'm told, are from Mrs. Urban and consist of corrections to the book based upon the Matt Urban Story by Matt Urban.
The following information comes from Robert Swierenga's book "Holland, Michigan: From Colony To Dynamic City", page 1635.

"Lt. Colonel Matt Urban was the only Holland-area soldier in the Second World War to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor. But he did not live in Holland until thirty years later, when in 1974 he became the city recreation and Civic Center director. Urban’s heroics took place in the North African, Italian, and Normandy campaigns. Wounded seven times, each time he rejoined his men and continued to fight, earning twenty-nine metals in twenty months of combat. President Jimmy Carter draped the nation’s highest medal around his neck in a Washington ceremony in 1980, making Urban the mostdecorated soldier in the war. In recognition of his valor, the city council gave the name Matt Urban Drive to the new street off South Washington Avenue that leads past the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) Hall to West Forty-Eighth Street. Urban retired in 1989, and at his death at age seventy-five in 1995, his remains were interred with high honors in Arlington National Cemetery."
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