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Keppel Guest House
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ca. 1992
6.5 in.
White flier with burgundy lettering and a burgundy drawing of the Keppel Guest House.  On the inside, there is a short history of the house.  On the outside front is the drawing.  On the outside back is information regarding parking, admissions, public safety, admissions, etc.
The Keppel Guest House is located on the campus of Hope College at 85 East 10th Street in Holland, MI.

Keppel Family History

Teunis Keppel was born on 6-9-1823 in the Netherlands to Jan Keppel (1792–1874) and Adrianntje Pellikaan (1802–1872). By 1847 Teunis had arrived in Holland, MI, marrying Janna Bloemers there on 5-7-1848.***

Teunis and Janna had the following children:1. Jaantje (Jane) Keppel (1849–1904); 2. Johanna Keppel (1857–1918); 3. Jennie Keppel (1860–1943); 4. Bastian Dirk Keppel (1862–1932); and, 5. Albert Christian Keppel (1869–1939). They also had several children that never lived beyond a year or two.

1. Jaantje (Jane) Keppel (1849–1904) was born in Holland, MI. She married Isaac Marsilje (1846–1922) in Holland in 1874. Their children were: Gertrude M. Marsilje (1875–1965); Margareta G. (Maud) Marsilje (1878–1970); Herbert Thomas Marsilje (1879–1890); Josie Christine Marsilje (1881–1890); Thomas Herbert Marsilje (1883–1955); and, Susan Marie Marsilje (1887–1970).

2. Johanna Keppel (1857–1918) married John Rademaker and had the following children: Charlotte Elizabeth Rademaker (1883–1888);
Jeannette Gertrude Rademaker (1887–1963); T. Keppel Rademaker (1891–1892); and, Walter Lambertus Rademaker (1895–1968).
Johanna and John moved to Wisconsin.

3. Jennie Keppel (1860–1943) married John Henry Stouthamer and had two children: Florence (1885–1968); and, Helen (1889– ).
Jennie and John moved to Wisconsin.

4. Bastian Dirk Keppel (1862–1932) married Anna Helena Van Raalte (1862–1947) in Holland, MI in 1887. Their children included: Helene Gertrude Keppel (1888– ); Frank Edwin Keppel (1894–1894); and, Gertrude Christine Keppel (1895–1977).

5. Albert Christian Keppel (1869–1939) married Kate De Vries (1870–1956). Their children were: Evelyn Gertrude Keppel (1894–1928), she married Arthur Cloetingh (1894–1954) ; Ruth Keppel (1896–1993), she remained single; Vera Jane Keppel (1900–1990), she married Thomas Kennedy; Kathryn Keppel (1904–1946), she married Wm. Votruba; and, Lois Keppel (1909–1986), she married Clarence Samuelson.

***Wilhelmina was Teunis' second wife.

Gift of
Simmons, Sara