machine, sewing
machine, sewing
machine, sewing

machine, sewing

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wood, metal
34.5 in.
Brown, wooden cabinet with 6 drawers in front, three on the left and three on the right.  In the center of the cabinet, there is an opening.  The foot pedal, black, metal, is located in the center, near the floor.  The cabinet frame is black metal.
The top of the cabinet opens to the left, providing an extended surface.  As the top is opened, the sewing machine rises up from its compartment beneathe the surface of the cabinet.
The sewing machine is metal, black with gold decorations and the name Damascus in gold.
The following provenance comes from the donor...
"The antique treadle Damascus sewing machine was owned by my maternal Grandmother, Mrs. George (Jenny Brouwer) Deur b. 12-27-1892 d. 2-9-1979 who, at the end of her life, lived at 14 West 18 Street . I remember in 1947 walking home from Central Ave. Christian School and stopping at this house for a cookie break. Often when I would come, she would be pumping her sewing machine making clothes, doll clothes, quilts or blankets. I do not know the exact age of the machine. I have included pictures. My aunt, Mrs. Elaine (Robert) Sloothaak, is still living in Holland. She has told me my grandmother won prizes for her quilts. She recalls these being at Tulip Time. I also have a quilt which was made on the machine but never used (picture). My Aunt Elaine may have additional memories of the machine to add to my many fond recollections."

Jennie married George Deur in Holland, MI on 10-3-1928. Her parents were Wm. Brouwer and Derkje Brower.

If the sewing machine fits into the time frame of your museum pieces and can be used, I would be happy to donate it. It would honor a grandmother whom I loved deeply.
Gift of
Woltjer, Carol