Catalog Number
Certificate, on tan, rectangular paper with black lettering. At the top, in the center, are the words "The American Institute of Park Executives, Inc.", followed by "certifies that Dick Smallenburg has been duly elected to Fellow Membership". The date is June 1949.
Dick Smallenburg (1893-1960) was born in the Netherlands in 1893 and came to Holland, MI in 1921. He worked for awhile as the private gardener of Walter Lane before beginning with the City of Holland in 1928. On July 23, 1922, Dick married Bouwina Veenstra in Holland, MI. They are buried in Pilgrim Home Cemetery. Bouwina F. Veenstra Smallenburg was born on 10-22-1897 in the Netherlands to Bront Veenstra and Cora Rairdan.
Gift of
Haveman, Sarah