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Black and white photograph of Fred Oldemulders setting wooden shoe machine in May of 1965.
Fred Oldemulders was born in Laar, Germany on 5-11-1898 (from his WW2 draft card). He came to America in 1923. By 1925 Fred was working in a furniture factory by day and carving wooden shoes from home in the evening. He would then sell his shoes to the Dutch Novelty Shop.

By the 1950s Fred was employed by the Wooden Shoe Factory in Holland, MI. He would work here for more than 30 years. Fred lived in Holland, MI with his wife Grace (1898-1964) at 8 West 32nd Street. In his lifetime Fred made more than 300,000 pair of wooden shoes.

Some time after the death of Grace in 1964 Fred married Johanna Diekjakobs (1906-1999). Fred passed away on 6-2-1984.