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Black and white aerial photograph of the Hotel Macatawa.  The hotel was built in 1895 by the Macatawa Park Company.  It had 115 rooms, with space for 250 guests.  The hotel was demolished in 1956, due to high costs to modernize the building.  
The Hotel Macatawa, built on Lake Macatawa (in Macatawa, MI) opened in 1895. Prior to its completion in 1895 there was a smaller hotel nearby that went by the name Macatawa Hotel. This smaller hotel burned ca. 1893.

The Hotel Macatawa changed management in 1945 when Simon Den Uyl purchased the resort property. Den Uyl then had the hotel redecorated.
A May 19, 1948 advertisement from the Holland Sentinel describes the Hotel Macatawa as "a modern hotel service, in a high class community". The ad goes on to say "Hotel Macatawa-is staffed for courteous service to a refined clientele-those who enjoy gracious living.". In 1946, there was room in the hotel for 250 guests.

Joe Bachunas owned the hotel after Simon. The final owner was Dick Den Uyl. It was Dick that made the decision to raze the Hotel Macatawa in 1956. He would later build the Point West Inn on the same location.