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Black and white photograph of Frank Austen, John "Jack" Wagner, Simon Meeuwsen, Neil Steketee, and Dave O' Conner- Holland Police in 1913.  The photograph is on a postcard. 
Simon Meeuwsen was born on 9-10-1871. He passed away in Holland, MI on 7-9-1926. City directories show that Simon served the Holland Police from 1910-195, by 1924 he was employed at Holland Furnace. Simon married Clara ? in Holland Township on 5-23-1895. They lived at 30 East 126th.

John Wagner was born in Germany in 1877. He passed away on 1-27-1922 in Holland, MI. John lived at 134 West 16th with his wife Frances (1878-1955). John served the Holland Police from as early as 1908 and as late as 1921 (according to city directories).