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Black and white photograph of four ladies sitting on a lawn outside. Handwritten on the back is it appears to say "Mother, Aunt Jennie, Aunt Mary, Aunt Gertrude". It is thought that Mother is Anna Van Lente VanRy (1870-1953)  and Aunt Jennie is Jennie Van Lente Vander Hill (1873-1952), Aunt Mary is Mary Van Lente (1866-1948). and Aunt Gertrude is thought to be Gertrude Reidsema Van Lente (1885-1978).
The woman seated on the far left is Anna H. Van Lente Van Ry (1868-1953), mother of Kitty Van Ry Vande Water, grandmother of Randy Vande Water. Her parents were Johannes Van Lente and Jan Bouma.

Anna married Anthony Van Ry in Holland, MI on 6-27-1895. They had two children: Franklin Van Ry (1896-1966); and, Kathryn "Kittie" Van Ry Vande Water (1901-1983).