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Photograph, "Dutch Hank" standing at far right, with members of the Henry Walters Post 1244 VFW.
"The initiation was conducted by a VFW team pictured in the front row. Left to right, they are John Homfeld, standing, John Sas, Peter Siersma, Shud Althuis, Watson Lundie, Frank Jillson, John Tiesenga, Oscar P. Peterson, Fred Smith, Hubert Knapp, Fred Kolmar and Paul Wojahn. G. Knapp, a new member, is seated at the extreme right.

Second row shows M. Timmer, D. Olthof, B. Kuhlman, M. Welton, D. Japinga, unidentified, Vanden Heuvel, Jr., D. Vanden Heuvel. W. Sikkel, A. Sikkel, T. Whitefleet, unidentified, V. Kruithof, D. Emerick.

Third row-W. Vanden Beldt. I. Kleinjans, Ray Post, S. Van Ry, next two unidentified, D. Formsma, W. Gerritsen, Sheriwood, M. Achterhof, Holleman, D. Hofmeyer, Rowan

Fourth row-R. Vos, next two unidentified, H. Bangor, next two unidentified, N. Brieve, Elenbaas,
unidentified, F. Nash, H. Helmink, D. Slenk. 1 Fifth row - unidentified, W. Vanden Belt, F. Baker, Nies, unidentified, M. Vanden Heuvel, R. Koetsier, E. Brand, R. Rose, G. Romeyn, Mors, unidentified, A. Boon, E. Leeuw.

Sixth row-1, Koning van Wieren, J. Johnson, E. Dykhuis. H. Vanden Brink, G. Kardux, S. Van Raalte, R. Nichols, Heyhoer unidentified, De Witt, unidentified Pelon.

Top row-T. Kouw, F. Duffy. unidentified, H. De Pree, unidentified, E. Glatz, C. Vande Water, C. Van Langevelde, D. Klomparens, A. Taylor, C. Waltman, R. Bell, C. Bell."
Gift of
Woudstra, James