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Black and white photograph of a boat, named the "Daisy Ho", on a pallet.  This boat was built by the Jesiek Brothers when they were along the Grand River in Grand Rapids before they started the shipyard in Jenison Park and then Macatawa Park. Handwritten on the back it states, "25 ft built for Chas Parker". 
The Jesiek family consisted of Joseph, his wife Anna (listed as Mary in some places) and children 1. Gustav, 2. Otto (a.k.a., Adolph),3. Joseph Jr., 4. Rudolph and 5. Anna. Not all of the family resided in Holland.

Joseph Sr. was born 1-14-1843 in Germany. He married Anna (Mary) in Germany on 7-13-1878. She was also born in Germany, on 10-12-1850. Joseph passed away in Holland, MI on 9-21-1930 and was buried in Grand Rapids, MI. Anna (Mary) passed away on 12-19-1912 in Grand Rapids, MI.

1. Gustav (1878-1948) married Myrtle Roberts (1881-1969). 2. Otto (1881-1975) married Hattie Voss (1888-1958) in Holland, MI on 11-15-1911. 3. Joseph Jr. (1883-1956) married Minnie Dolph inHolland, MI on 11-14-1912. 4. Rudolph (1886-1918) married Clara Simm on 3-31-1913 in Grand Rapids. 5. Anna married Henry Baker on 11-24-1919 in Lansing, MI.

Jesiek Bros. Ship Yard was operated by Otto and his sons, Harold (1913-1958), Donald (1913-1995) and William (1918-2012) in Macatawa Park, MI. They sold and serviced Chris Craft boats and operated a boat storage facility.
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