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Brochure from the Macatawa Resort Company. On one side there is information on the Angel's Flight in Macatawa and an image of a Bird's-eye view of Macatawa Park. Under the Angel's Flight image is says, "This incline railroad takes one to the top of old Bald Head, the highest hill at the resorts, which gives a splendid view of both Macatawa Bay and Lake Michigan. On top of old Bald Head is a large donation pavilion and also lounging places. Refreshments of all kinds are also on sale. Recreation - A fine concrete and clay Golf Grounds and Tennis Court can be utilized by resorters and there is dancing and good music for guests at Macatawa Park" The other side of the document says, "Macatawa Resort Company (incorporated). Owners of Macatawa Park, Michigan's Most Delightful Summer Resort. Climate delightful. Place popular. Fishing of the best. Fine inland bay for boating and canoeing…." see close up of image to continue reading.
Items in accession 2020.13 focus on the history of Macatawa Park (in Park Township, a few miles southwest of Holland, MI) . They are from the collection of Art Tazelaar, gathered over the course of his lifetime. Art was born in Grand Rapids, MI in 1913 to John J. Tazelaar (1868–1957) and Gertrude C Lopperson (1880–1961).

The US Census shows that the Tazelaar family had moved to Macatawa Park by 1920. By 1940 (US Census), Art had begun working as the postmaster here, a position he held up to 1980. He also worked at a hardware store in Macatawa Park.

Art married Janet Virginia Wierda on 4-15-1941 in Grand Rapids, MI.

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Gift of the Tazelaar family