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Henry Woudstra's World War 1 victory medal.  Round, gold-colored with attached ribbon. 

The front of the medal shows a winged figure holding a shield and sword.  The ribbon has a blue, yellow, orange, red, orange, yellow and blue pattern with a piece of metal across the front.  The word "FRANCE" appears on this piece of metal.

On the back of the medal, the words "THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILIZATION" appear at the top followed by names of allied countries.

Henry "Dutch Hank" Woudstra,was born on 1-24-1889 in Hemelumer Oldeferd, Netherlands. He came to the US in 1917. While on Ellis Island he was drafted into the US Army. Before being sent overseas, Dutch Hank crashed his motorcycle, injuring his leg. As a result he was assigned to kitchen duty in France. While in France he was reported dead.

Upon returning to Holland after the war, alive, Dutch Hank became a house painter. He was also an artist, painting murals in people's homes and garages and painting on panes of glass.

Dutch Hank married Geerlovina "Fannie" Buurman on 10-13-1921 in Holland, MI.

He passed away in Holland, MI on 10-11-1970.
Gift of
Woudstra, James