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Black and white photograph of the Van Zoeren farm.  Unidentified farmers can be seen standing alongside a barn.  Several teams of horses are visible.  A tractor can be seen on the right.
The Van Zoeren family of Vriesland, MI consists of Gerrit Jan Van Zoeren (1830-1918), his wife Fanny Albers Van Zoeren (1827-1894) and the family of their son Jacob Gerrit Van Zoeren (1859-1955).

Jacob Gerrit married Hattie Rankans (1862-1907). Their children were as follows: Gerrit John (1884-1980); Calla (1885-1952); George R. (1887-1980); Fanny (1890-1980); and, Mattie (1892-1980). George R. Van Zoeren married Dora Schermer (1895-1982). George and Dora had four children: Eva L.(1916-2014); Ellen; Jay (1924-2005); and, Carol. George's sister Mattie married John Osterhaven (1893-1966). John and Mattie's son was Maurice "Gene" Osterhaven (1915-2004).

Jacob Gerrit had a second wife, Elizabeth Leetsma (1875-1960). Their only child was Leon J. Van Zoeren (1915-1989).

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Van Zoeren, Thomas