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Black and white photograph of the Van Zoeren farm.  An unidentified farmer can be seen standing beside three horses.
Photographs in collection 2015.4 were taken on the Van Zoeren farm in Vriesland, MI. The farm was operated by Jacob Gerrit Van Zoeren and his son George R. Van Zoeren. The photos range from about 1895 to 1930.

The Van Zoeren family of Vriesland, MI consists of Gerrit Jan Van Zoeren (1830-1918), his wife Fanny Albers Van Zoeren (1827-1894) and the family of their son Jacob Gerrit Van Zoeren (1859-1955).

Jacob Gerrit married Hattie Rankans (1862-1907). Their children were as follows: Gerrit John (1884-1980); Calla (1885-1952); George R. (1887-1980); Fanny (1890-1980); and, Mattie (1892-1980). George R. Van Zoeren married Dora Schermer (1895-1982). George and Dora had four children: Eva L.(1916-2014); Ellen; Jay (1924-2005); and, Carol. George's sister Mattie married John Osterhaven (1893-1966). John and Mattie's son was Maurice "Gene" Osterhaven (1915-2004).

Jacob Gerrit had a second wife, Elizabeth Leetsma (1875-1960). Their only child was Leon J. Van Zoeren (1915-1989).

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Van Zoeren, Thomas