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A note left by a citizen who received a parking ticket. 
Mary Medendorp, a Holland, MI resident, worked for the Holland Police Department for 15 years. The first 10 were spent working as a parking enforcement officer. When Holland removed the parking meters from downtown, Mary became a 911 emergency dispatcher. Mary points out that she was a law enforcement officer, not a police officer. The difference being that she could not carry a gun or make arrests.

As a parking enforcement officer Mary wrote tickets, fixed busted meters and placed the iron boot on cars with unpaid parking tickets. In her nine years in parking enforcement, Mary figures she wrote more than 150,000 parking tickets. Her one day record was 250 parking tickets. In response, over the 9 year period Mary received well over 3,000 letters from irate parking offenders. Mary kept these letters because they made her laugh.

In her defense Mary says "If I didn't feel a person deserved a ticket, I wouldn't have given it".
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Medendorp, Mary