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A letter from CW Mixer cancer cure to Helen Hoffmeyer, explaining ways to help her mother Jennie Hoffmeyer with pain. The letter is dated May 7, 1920. The letter also explains how to use Mixer's products to help with this. Also in this letter CW Mixer talks about how he would be glad to see them in his office days in Grand Rapids and for a fee he could come to Holland.
Mother Jennie (Jennigje Koelman), born December 25, 1852 in the Netherlands to John Koelman and Dena (Heetders). Died November 6, 1920 of breast cancer. She was buried in Graafschap Cemetery. Married to Lambert Hoffmeyer. Children were Dena, John, Edward (Egbert), Henry and Helen. Her son, John, was born October 3, 1892 and died January 6, 1965. Daughter, Helen, was born May 31, 1891 and died September 16, 1980. Dena was born December 28, 1884 and died May 15, 1976. Edward (Egbert) was born March 11, 1881 and died May, 1966.

Charles W. Mixer – Mixer Medicine Co, Hastings, Michigan.

"Drs. Mixer" is the name under which C. W. Mixer of Hastings. Mich., conducted a mail-order "cancer cure" business. In November, 1909, Mixer was cited by the postal authorities to show why a fraud order should not be issued against him.

The charges brought against Mixer were that he was conducting a scheme for obtaining money through the mails "by means of false and fraudulent pretenses, representations and promises." The scheme, briefly, was outlined as follows: Advertisements were published in newspapers soliciting those persons who believed themselves to be afflicted with cancer, to write to Drs. Mixer for a "cure". Those who answered the advertisements were sent printed letters, circulars, pamphlets and leaflets in which they were urged to send money for the Drs. Mixer's "treatment" for the cure of cancer.


"Further evidence of the spuriousness of this business is found in the false pretense that it is conducted by physicians. Inspection of the advertisements, correspondence and printed matter reveals assiduous effort to impress patients with this idea. Not only the name used for the business does this, but in much of the advertising matter Charles W. Mixer is in terms referred to as 'Doctor.' As is admitted, the business is owned and conducted by Charles W. Mixer and his FATHER. Charles W. Mixer, of Hastings, Mich., who did business under the name of Drs. Mixer (although he was not a physician).