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This coin features an engraving of Queen Isabella II on one side with an inscription around the figure. The inscription says "De dios y la const Isabelz Poklac." This translates to of God and the constitution. More favorably it means Under God and constituted by Isabela. This is relatable since Queen Isabella II would be the Queen of Spain at this point in time. Under her head is the date 1868. The reverse side has a inscription that is not readable. 
This item was owned by George H. Ogden. George Ogden was born on June 22nd, 1875 in Holland, Michigan. During his lifetime, he worked as an engineer and carpenter. He lived in the community of Holland while he practiced his trade. This item is a coin that he collected while living in the Holland area. Later he decided that he wanted to donate the coin to the Holland Museum. George Ogden Passed away on March 12th, 1951 and is buried in Lakeshore Cemetery.