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Advertisement from Sacred Records, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA for new records of the Gosselar sisters, featuring a photo of Joyce (left) and Maxine holding their horns.  Helene Kamphuis sits at the piano.
Gosselar Family History

George Gosselar was born in Holland, Mi on 5-13-1897. On 4-25-1918 he married Frances Dornbos in Holland, MI. Frances had been born on 3-8-1898 in Holland, MI.
They lived in Holland, MI at 247 W. 14th (1921 and 1938 city directories) and 154 E. 15th (1940 US Census, 1942, 1948 and 1952 city directories, letters from 1953 and 1959). George operated the Economy IGA grocery store, located at 154 East 15th (1942 and 1960 city directories).
Their children were: Robert Gosselar (1921-1995); Maxine Mersman ( ); and Joyce Hyma (1929-2017). Maxine and Joyce sang and played brass instruments, traveling to perform at churches and weddings, some as far away as New York. They even recorded some of their music on vinyl records with Sacred Custom Records.

Helene Brinkman Kamphuis was born on 7-12-1912. She lived in Holland, MI with her husband Elmer and children Sherilyn and Merikay at 256 West 36th (1954 & 1960 city directory). She passed away in 1982.