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Photograph of the exterior of Dykstra Funeral Home on 9th Street ca. 1984.
John Alberti was the first undertaker in Holland, MI. He moved to Holland in 1864 and began undertaking the following year. It is believed that John taught John Dykstra the undertaking trade.

In 1900 Alberti retired and John Dykstra started Dykstra Funeral Home at 29 East 9th Street in Holland, MI. In 1904 Dykstra hired Gilbert Vande Water as an assistant. And in 1928 Dykstra hired Julius Kleinheksel. John Dykstra passed away in 1938, leaving Dykstra Funeral Home to Vande Water and Kleinheksel.

Julius Kleinheksel was born in Holland, MI in 1904 to Bert and Minnie Kleinheksel. Julius married Serena Top in Overisel, Allegan County, MI on 8-30-1928. They had three children: Victor (1929-2012); Carrow (1936-1997); and, Randall.
With Gilbert Vande Water's death in 1957, the Kleinheksel family, consisting of Julius and his son Victor, became the sole proprietors of Dykstra Funeral Home. Julius' son Carrow would also join the business.
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