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Negative, scanned to create the digital photograph shown in this record.  This image shows Holland City Treasurer Alden Stoner (right) explaining the features of the new drop box at the entrance of city hall to Peter Pluim.

This image appeared in the Holland Sentinel on 9-30-1960. 
Alden Stoner (1921-1982) lived in Holland, MI with his wife Lorraine at 91 East 18th Street.

Negatives in 2020.7 were taken by Holland Sentinel photographers. We continue to search the Sentinel for these images, hoping to identify the people and places shown in the collection. This collection was a gift to the Holland Museum from Randy Vande Water at some point between 1988 and 2002.

The image shown in this record was taken by Roger Snow, journalist and photographer for the Holland Sentinel. Roger A. Snow was born on 12-3-1934 in Zeeland, MI to Raymond and Evelyn Snow. Roger graduated from Zeeland High, the University of Michigan (1959) and Hope College (1963). He married Jean Holmen in Holland, MI on 6-22-1963. Roger worked for the Sentinel from about 1960 to 1966. He passed away on 1-25-2011 in Indiana.
Gift of
Vande Water, Randy