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Color photograph of Robert Boeskool.
Robert Boeskool, a Holland, MI resident, was born on 4-23-1951. Robert gave his life for his country. He was killed on 6-6-1970 in Hua Nghia, Vietnam while serving with the US Army.

This photograph was posted on the Facebook page Historic Images of Ottawa County on 6-7-2022. Here are some of the replies from area people.

Gloria H
"I just told my husband, Frank H, about this post. He said he remembered talking to Bob at church (Rose Park Reformed Church, Holland), right before Bob shipped out to Vietnam. Bob told my husband that he made a request to be shipped to Vietnam but his orders came back for Germany instead. He went to his commander and said that he had asked for Vietnam, saying that he was single with no kids and he’d prefer that a married man get sent to Germany and he would take his place in Vietnam. So Bob’s orders were changed…..except that the new orders said he was shipping out to Korea. Once again, he went to his commander with the same request to let a married man go to Korea instead of him. This time his orders came back the way he wanted: He was heading to Vietnam. Frank says he thought Bob was only in Vietnam for about a week before he was KIA. Such a sacrifice for Bob."

Gretchen F
"Went from kindergarten through senior year with Bob and his twin Betty. So sad. Graduated June of 1969. Only in Vietnam a matter of weeks."

Ginger V
"I went to grade school with him. Such a sad end to his life. I’m thankful for his sacrifice."

Mike E
"Went to West Ottawa a year ahead of Bob and played football with him. Nice kid. RIP Bob."

David S
"I knew Bob he lived down the street from me on the North side."