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Color photograph showing Evergreen Commons in Holland, MI in the summer of 1985.

Evergreen Commons is a 65,000-square-foot senior center located at the corner of Michigan Avenue and State Street in Holland, MI. Formerly Holland Christian Middle School, the building opened in its new capacity on 7-1-1985.
The idea for Evergreen Commons came from Edgar Prince (Prince Corp. founder) and Marjorie Hoeksema (local senior citizens' advocate). The Evergreen Commons mission is "To inspire older adults to live purposeful, active, and holistic lives, in their residence of choice, as fully as they are able." and "To provide community support services and assisted care to older adults, with honor and respect.".

Marjorie Hoeksema was born in Australia on 2-12-1918. She passed away in Holland, MI on 5-20-2010.
She arrived in Holland, MI in 1946 with her husband Renze, a student at Hope College.

Marjorie joined Renze in his Foreign Service career and traveled to the Philippines, Pakistan, Iran and Thailand. During her time overseas she volunteered with local charities, particularly those focused on the elderly.

Upon her return to Holland, MI in 1971 Marjorie became involved in the Good Samaritan Center and established the Senior Services Advocacy Council. Senior citizen housing, long-term care and community services for seniors were important to her.
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