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A photograph of Swan W. Miller.
Swan Miller was born in Sweden on 12-6-1842. He passed away on 3-11-1941 in San Diego, CA. Swan was a Chicago lawyer, husband of Eda Nelson Miller and veteran of the Civil War.

In 1891 he first came to Macatawa Park and built a house there that would be known as the "Swans Roost". In time he would purchase stock in the Macatawa Park resort district, eventually becoming the manager in 1906.
For several years he was the owner and operator of the Macatawa Hotel.

Randall P. "Randy" Vande Water was a local historian and newspaper editor. He spent 4 decades at the Holland Sentinel working as sports editor, city editor, editorial page editor, and managing editor.
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Mary Vande Water, in honor of her husband Randy Vande Water.