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A. Patsy Fabiano menu, yellow.
Fabiano Family History

In 1902 Joe Fabiano opened a downtown fruit and confectionary store on River Ave, at 8th Street. His son Patsy took over the business in 1914 and moved it to 26 West 8th Street where he sold confectionaries and had a soda fountain. In 1931 Patsy introduced the Nutty Paddle Pop. The store's name was shortened to Fabiano's ca. 1950 when Sam and William Fabiano took over the business.

In 1954, when Patsy's 4th son Paul returned from serving in the Army, they opened the Peanut Store at 208 River Avenue. With the help of his wife Esther, Paul slowly built the Peanut Store, averaging 70 hours a week most weeks. Paul and Esther moved the Peanut Store in 1960 to 32 East Eighth Street and in 1972 to its present location at 46 East Eighth Street.

Paul’s son Tom Fabiano represents the 4th generation of Fabianos in the confectionary business in downtown Holland, MI. Today Tom runs the Peanut Store with his sisters: Paula Fabiano; Mary Fabiano Stille; and Celeste Fabiano Porebski.
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