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Advertisement from the Dutch Maid Candy Company, Holland Sentinel, 1-8-1948.
The Dutch Maid Candy Company appears in the 1927 city directory at 46 West 8th Street, Holland, MI. Edward Van Tatenhove (1902-1974) and Gerrit Van Dyke (1895-1967) were co-owners in the business. By 1929 Van Tatenhove was no longer affiliated with the company.

In 1931 the Dutch Maid Candy Company was located at 80 East 8th Street in Holland, where it would remain into the 1960s. Brothers George Jacobs (1919-1997) and Robert Jacobs (1925-2006) briefly owned the business from about 1947 to 1950 (city directories) before turning it back over to Gerrit Van Dyke ca. 1952. Gerrit and his wife Cora continued to operate the business until about 1959 (city directories).
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