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Black, cloth fireman's cap with hard, black bill and black band.  A silver-colored badge is attached to the front of the cap.  Words on the badge read "HOLLAND FIRE DEPT.".
This fireman's cap belonged to Holland, MI resident Gerald Bolhuis. Gerald was born on 7-3-1907 in Holland, MI to Franz Bolhuis (1870-1957) and Josie Steffens (1883-1958). Gerald grew up in Holland, MI at 224 West 13th Street (1908 and 1916 city directories) and 547 College Ave (1921 and 1927 city directories).

Gerald was a graduate of Holland High and Hope College. Soon after graduating from high school he joined the American Legion band.

Gerald married Julia Van Tamelen in Zeeland, MI on 9-18-1930. They lived in Holland at 97 East 8th Street in Holland, MI (1931, 1936) and later at 1107 South Shore Drive in Holland.

Gerald was treasurer of Bolhuis Lumber in Holland, MI as early as 1929. By 1945 he was president of the company. In the 1950s Gerald was also a fireman. In 1953 he served as fire chief in Park Township. He later served with the Holland Fire Department.

Gerald passed away on 4-8-1965.

Gift of
Bolhuis, Joyce