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Photograph of  Annie Olson in May 1974.
Annie was born in Holland, Michigan, a 5th generation Ten Cate.

Annie married Jim, a Tlingit Indian from Alaska, whom she met in Holland, MI. He attended high school at Holland High. They were very involved in Native American affairs and activism.

This eventually led them to be introduced to Marlon Brando in the 1970s. Brando asked the couple to attend the premier. Jim dressed in full North American regalia. This was meant as a silent gesture of protest on how Hollywood depicted Native Americans in movies.
When Brando was to receive the best actor award for Godfather, he sent Sacheen Littlefeather to accept it, again to voice his objections. This is still one of the most dramatic moments in Oscar history. Littlefeather was welcomed with both boos and applause. In September 2022 the Academy of Motion Pictures invited Annie to the apology event for Littlefeather in California.

Annie also earned her pilots license and lived in Alaska. After Annie’s divorce from her first husband, she moved back to Holland Michigan in 1980 with her 3 children. She graduated from GVSU in 1988. She is actively involved with ACEH and creates clay art. Annie shared her experience in an ACEH & Museum event on Friday, November 4.
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Olson, Annie