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Color slide showing students in Mr. McGeehan's history class.
This is one of 44 slides from a presentation made in 1973. The presentation was created to show voters in Holland, MI that the E.E. Fell Junior High School buildings were too small and too run down to serve their children. The buildings at that time were located 372 South River Ave (main E.E. Fell building) and 96 West 15th (E.E. Fell west building).

The series of slides focuses on overcrowded buildings, factual information about the cost to voters of a new building and the poor condition of school facilities.

In a special election held in June of 1973 the proposition to build two new junior high buildings failed by 211 votes. The bond issue called for $6.5 million. A second vote, on December 17, 1973, also failed. This time the proposition was defeated by 380 votes.
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