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Photograph of members of the Holland Country Club, ca. 2002.  Front row, left to right: Randy Hop; Paul Meyer; Ken Wierda; Al Yamaoka; Bob Zwiers; Vern Hoeksema; and John Arntz.  Middle row, left to right: Doug Schadler (1944-2017); Dave Bonnema (1943-2022); Jason Ten Harmsel; Dave Lennox (1928-2015); Frank Swift (1933-2022); Bill Buis (1937-2016); and Bob Wierda (1934-2017).  Back row, left to right: Stan Hocksbergen (1951-2017); Fred Otten; Bob Volkers; and Bob Mannes (1939-2011).
The Holland Country Club began in 1921 with the purchase of the 126-acre property at 51 Country Club Road. The cornerstone for the club building was set in August of 1922. The golf course’s first playing season was 1923. The original plan for the club included an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, croquet grounds, horseshoes, volleyball, softball, and athletic field.

In its first year there were 110 members and dues were $250. The nature of the property brought the necessity to have four hanging bridges to navigate the golf course. The club grounds were also popular for winter snow activities such as sledding and skiing. The club had a restaurant that served food to members at given meals times.

After World War II the local American Legion purchased the Holland Country Club and renamed it to the American Legion Golf Course in 1946. The property was first leased then sold to the The Holland Tavern Club in 1979, this group returned the name to Holland Country Club.

Financial difficulties with the loss of membership and the economic woes of 2007-2009 brought trouble to the Holland Country Club. Attempts to revive the club were not successful. In 2009 Macatawa Bank foreclosed on the property. Much of the property was purchased by the Ottawa County Parks and Recreation Department, with a park being unveiled in June of 2013. The parking lot and clubhouse area of the property was purchased and converted to a condominium community in 2014.
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Hoeksema, Vern