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This image is of the changing of the clock face in the Tower Clock building on the corner of 8th St. and River Ave. Two men are holding the old face with Roman Numerals and the clock has the brighter face with digits. Written on the back of this image it states, "December 1947, Jack Klaasen on left, Penna-Sas commercial photographers". The donor stated this image was from the City Sign Company.
The Tower Clock building at River and 8th was built in 1892 for $27,000. This Victorian Romanesque structure was constructed of Waverly Stone from the local quarry. The first occupant was the Holland City State Bank under the leadership of bank president Jacob Van Putten.

John Raven (1866-1968), Holland resident and local jeweler, told the City Bank he would build a clock in the building so “men wouldn’t be late for work”. Raven installed the clock machinery and the timepiece began ticking on November 11, 1893. Raven raised the $600 for the clock from donations from merchants, furniture factories and Cappon-Bertsch Leather Co. He was helped by L.P. Husen.

When first constructed the entrance of the Tower Clock building was reached by circular stone steps. The original building was beautiful but inconvenient so in 1919 the building’s floor was lowered to become level with the street and the entire entrance was changed.

Tower Clock continues to serve as a prominent landmark for the downtown district.

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Oudersluys, Carol