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Advertisement for Szekely's Sky Roamer 3 airplane engine.

In 1926, Otto Szekely of Moline, IL announced that he would be building a factory in Holland to manufacture dynometers for automotive and aerospace motor testing. The Otto E. Szekely Corp. was located north of Black Lake (Lake Macatawa).

By 1928 the Holland Szekely plant was producing a three-cylinder, air-cooled airplane motor that was 25 pounds lighter than any other airplane motor produced at that time (3-1-1928 Holland City News). By 1931 Szekely engines were being used by six different airplane manufacturers: Curtiss-Wright, Buhl Company, American Eaglet, Liberty and White-Burdette and Breese (6-11-1931 Holland City News).

The factory closed in 1932 due to bankruptcy brought on by the Great Depression.
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Curtis, Robert S.