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Postcard showing the home of Louisa M. Alcott in Concord, MA.
Postcards from accession 1965.26.79 belonged to Margaret and Rev. James Wayer. The postcards were most likely from places the couple visited while on vacation from about 1925 to 1960.

Rev. James Wayer (1871-1965(, pastor at Furst Reformed Church in Holland, lived with Margaret (1880-1966) at 25 East 12th Street in Holland, MI (1920, 1930 US Census, 1938 city directory). For several years during the 1940s Rev. Wayer served a church in Racine, WI. The couple returned to Holland, MI in 1949 and lived at 26 East 12th Street (1949, 1965 city directories).
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Wayer, Margaret