glass, soda fountain

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Clear soda fountain glass.

This soda fountain glass was used in the Ottawa Beach Food Center back in the 1940s and 1950s. The store would eventually become known as the Ottawa Beach General Store. Located at 2256 Ottawa Beach Road in Park Township the original building was erected ca. 1938 by Louis Rhuel of Grand Rapids, MI. and went by the name "the Windmill". The Windmill sold general groceries and lunches.

Soon after the store was purchased in 1942 by Peter and Lorraine Hoving the name was changed to the Ottawa Beach Food Center. The Hoving's sold the business in 1958 to Stephen and Delphine Sanger. The Sanger's sold the business in 1972 to Robert and Linda Wheeler. In 1975 Marvin and Margie Freestone purchased the business. In 1990 the Freestones sold to Judy and Dick Hupe.

The original Windmill/Ottawa Beach Food Center/Ottawa Beach General Store building was demolished in September of 2023.
Gift of
Hoving, Patricia