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Photograph showing Holland Furniture Company. The 1931 city directory gives their address as 146 River Ave, which was River Ave between 7th and 6th Street. In this image the building has ivy plants growing against the walls. The car parked out front is a early 1900s vehicle.
The Holland Furniture Company was organized in 1894 and the first officers and directors were H. Van Ark, President; Ed. Vaupell, Vice President; J.G. Van Putten, secretary and Treasurer; and J.A. Van der Veen, A.H. Meyer, A. Kolvoord. and R. Veneklasen on the Directorate. The company manufactured furniture for wholesale until 1914 when new management took over and a showroom was opened in Grand Rapids. The company produced reproductions of early American pieces and became known for excellent bedroom furniture. One of the major buyers of the furniture was Macy's Company of New York. After the depression the company made a connection with the Army medical department for furniture and was denied the bid. In 1970 the Holland Furniture Company was bought by Magnavox Corporation and manufacturing ceased. The old company warehouse was repurposed as Scrap Yard Lofts (146 S. River Avenue) in 2008, consisting of both commercial and residential space.
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