Catalog Number
Doll of a Dutch boy (2016.10.4a) wearing wooden shoes (2016.10.4b-c), a black cap (2016.10.4d), a red scraf (2016.10.4e) and a one piece shirt with pants (2016.10.4f). The hat is attached to the doll's head. On its neck, in black print, is the following information: "Official Holland, Michigan Tulip Festival Doll May 14-19, 1990 By St. George Doll Company".
This doll belonged to Holland, MI resident Doris C. Franklin Delke. Doris was born in Canada on June 10, 1917. She married Ed C. Delke (1914-2002). Both Doris and Ed worked at and retired from parke-Davis in Holland, MI. Doris died on 8-10-2015.
Gift of
Delke, Jan