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Newsletter, one page from a Hart & Cooley newsletter with images of bowlers.
August Landwehr, a Holland, MI businessman and resident, arranged in 1924 for Hart & Cooley to move to Holland, MI. The thought behind this was for Hart & Cooley to supply the warm air registers for Landwehr's Holland Furnace Co. furnaces.
Hart & Cooley was located at 50 East 8th Street in Holland, MI, along the south side of the street, near Walnut Ave.
During World War 2 Hart & Cooley shifted production from registers to 60mm mortar-shell casings. In the 1950s Hart & Cooley designed a line of grills and registers for the newer furnaces being produced,
In 1986 Hart & Cooley became part of Chicago-based Eagle Industries. In 1990 Hart and Colley workers went on strike, which led to a decline in sales and, eventually, a departure of Hart and Cooley from Holland, MI.
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